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Save the date! Ortus Arena launches september 28th

We have it you guys! The launch date for Ortus Arena. You’ll be able to test your tactical skills on our magical arenas from September 28th 2016 on Mac and PC.

Mark that date!

We have worked hard on creating even more content for you. The campaign got a bump from 10 levels to 17 ( ! ) unique and challenging levels. That should prepare you for the online fights against friends and strangers to climb the ladder to rank 1. Prepare to master the elusive Wind warriors, the spiritual Fire warrior and the lethal Water warriors (amongst others).

We hope to welcome you in a little over a month. To stay up to date on everything as we build up to the launch follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Talk to you soon.


Ortus Arena is at GamesCom 2016!

With the release of Ortus Arena literally around the corner (on Steam for Mac and PC), we are very excited to have conquered a spot at the fantastic Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

It is truly great to have the opportunity to meet new players in the flesh, before we introduce them to our game. In the final months of production, we worked hard to make the single player experience even more fun, more elaborate and more challenging. So we are looking forward to see how far our visitors can lead the Wanderer through the campaign.

Come and see how fast you grasp the deep tactics of Ortus, if you can see the value of each elemental warrior! if you can even beat one of the delevopers!

Look for us in the business area in Hall 2.1. booth A031. We would love to meet you!


The Ortus Team



Thank you BETA testers!

Hello all,


So we’ve been running the BETA test for Ortus Arena for some time now. Seems to me an update is in order!
Let me tell you some things we’ve found out so far…

From Firstlook with Love

Hello all!

We’ve just come back from 2 intense but very satisfying days of showcaing Ortus at the Firstlook festival.

On day one, just a few minutes into the fair, we were already stormed by enthusiastic gamers who got their hands on a VIP card. This allowed them to browse the fair 2 hours earlier than the rest and it’s an honor to see that some spend that time playing Ortus. From that moment on, we realized that setting up two games was not enough. Very often we had to made due with a makeshift table or holding a phone, just so we could have 4 games going at the same time in our small booth.

Firstlook Festival2015transparant

Firstlook Festival 2015

Ortus Arena is showcasing at the Firstlook Festival in Utrecht from 9th till 11th October 2015. The event takes place in the Jaarbeurs and around 20.000 visitors are expected. Firstlook Festival is hosted by Blammo.tv, also the creators of Game Kings and is the biggest game event of the Benelux.

Ortus on the Flightdeck 3D tablet

Ortus Arena one of 10 games pre-instaled on 3D glasses free tablet

Ortus Arena will be one of the first ten games available on the Freevi’s Flightdeck 3D tablets. The glasses-free Stereoscopic 3D tablet is now available and will come with the winning games of the #W3DC competition pre-installed. Ortus Arena is shining next to Jaggy Race!, PewPew!, Iterazer, Flying Fish, Stop the Bots, Frwee, Alien Jelly, Razorspine Dungeons and Turbo Finger Swipe.

GDC 2015

Report from GDC 2015

By: Martijn Poels

We were invited to showcase Ortus Arena at the Dutch Local Multiplayer event in San Francisco on March 3th. It so happend that at the same time GDC was going on, so we took the opportunity to drop by. 5 days of conference, parties and games. This was the perfect place to show off Ortus Arena to thousands of gamers. And so I did.

gdc logo

Ortus Arena will be at GDC!

After a fantastic time at Casual Connect in Amsterdam, it’s time to spread our wings (literally almost) and fly out overseas. Over to San Francisco to visit the GDC! This will be the biggest event for us so far, so we’re very excited.

Of course, we’ll bring our A-game, Ortus Arena and showcase it at one of the coolest GDC closed events, Dutch Local Multiplayer at the Comic Art museum.


Ortus Arena goes into BETA!

Happy news everybody!

Today december 19th, Ortus is entering the BETA stage. Here at Ortus HQ, we are very excited to get gamers from all over the world will join in the fun.
We’ve been tweeking, stressing, implementing, losing-sleep-over, obsessing, finetuning etc. etc. to get the game ready for some heavy scruteny.