Become a famous Warlord and challenge other players to meet you on the mystical Ortus Arena. Bring your band of specialised warriors, each master of their own element. The energy conquered can be spent on attacking in one’s own turn or defense in the opponents turn. The art of war means putting your available energy to its most effective use. Ortus is about a delicate balancing act between attacking and defending in which each of your 8 warriors is of crucial importance between victory or defeat.

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Ortus is a game for players who take pride in their tactical achievements.

For those who are eager to learn new skills and are not afraid to go up against stronger opponents as they might learn enough to one day stand at the top.

For those who take gracious defeat when their opponent takes advantage of a small miss step.

For those who appreciate that aggression is rewarded, but too much aggression is punished.

For those who relish in new discovery in simple things.

For those on a 20 minute coffee break and a Steam account!


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Its blending of resource management with abstract strategy I found to be very well achieved and a delight to play. / I am very much enamoured of this game and its complexities right from the balance of energy from attack and defence, to the ways in which the different pieces work.  I am really glad to have the chance to play this and will continue to enjoy it. Written review of Ortus on GMS-magazine.


I guess I cannot recommend it enough if you’re looking for an awesome little combat game. Undead Viking


I can, hand on heart, recommend Ortus to anyone seeking a thoughtful, strategic game for their collection. Little Metal Dog Show.


Ortus is a clever game that a lot of you are going to love when it arrives on Android and iOS later this year. Pocket Tactics.

Did you know that Ortus is originally a boardgame? You can learn more about it on BoardgameGeek


AMeet other Warlords on Reddit!


Ortus turned out to be a great chance find, and even after the first game Nicole and I felt challenged to stay seated to have another go. First impression on BoardgameGeek.



Are you ready for Ortus Arena? Because it’s ready for you!

Now on STEAM for Mac and PC


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