Best MMO RPG PC Games Review

What makes a Role Playing Game (RPG) great? While there’s no concrete answer for this, everything still boils down to the basic definition of RPG.

The first thing is the role. Speaking of which, a good MMO / RPG will be making its players snugly assume the role of a character in the game. The players have to take the mindset of a character and put themselves in their shoes, tentacles, or claws.

Second is play. That’s to say; players must be in a position to play the character. They must be able to fit into the role of the character and make a decision on their behalf.

The third is the game itself. And it goes without mentioning that the game must be fun for everyone playing it. It’s also crucial that the game comes with a set of rules that players are expected to follow strictly.

Think of the rules as a loose system that governs how the virtual world in the game. They’re what guides players and keep everyone in check. And if you’re playing online MMO RPG games you’ll want to pick up a mouse with a lot of buttons to macro your spells, this site has a good round up of the best MMO mice here: for all your epic MMO mouse macro’ing.

Suffice it to say that a great MMO role-playing game should serve as an escape. It should be able to sack you from the real world you’re operating from and draw you into the virtual world of fun, adrenal rush, and excitement.

That said, here’s a recommended list of Role-playing games that fit the bill:

Arkham Horror

It’s common for role-playing games not to sink in too deep. But Arkham Horror makes an exception.

The Arkham Horror is a cooperative adventure role-playing game whose theme revolves around HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. As a player, you have to choose between the 16 investigators and take it to the streets.

It turns out, one of the ancient ones has been chosen, and it’s up to you as one of the investigators to stop him from breaking into the world to destroy it.

Dungeon Twister

RPGs are the video game sensation of these days. And Dungeon Twister ranks atop as one of the fun RPGs ever released.

The game is light and as engrossing as you’d want it to be. It’s simply rewarding you to crawl through a dungeon, with a twist of course.

First, the rooms you run into twist around, making it harder for you to escape laid death traps and blood-thirsty monsters.

Chainsaw Warrior

Chainsaw Warrior is a role-playing game that was created in the 80s, and it’s managed to stand the test of time and still rank as one of the best RPG games ever released.

For one, Chainsaw Warrior sticks out because it’s rare or the only one of its kind. It’s the game you’d want to play when there’s no one around to play with.

The post-modern cyberpunk style might not be your taste, but there’s a whole lot to enjoy about this game if only you can afford to get past that.

World of WarCraft

The World of WarCraft deserves a quick mention on this list. There has to be a reason this game is fancied all over.

First, it’s because it’s so overarching, big, complex, and difficult. Not to mention, very rewarding if you get to crack it.

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