Star Wars: Edge of the Empire – Beginner Game Review

Fantasy Flight makes another successful attempt to recreate the Star Wars Universe into a virtual tabletop RPG. The Edge of the Empire comes as the third plug-in of the three Star Wars games created by Fantasy Flight.

All the three games fit into each other. They’re all compatible, but complete games on their own. In comparison, the games remind you of Last Unicorn’s Star Trek games of the 90s.

The Edge of the Empire is centred on Han Solo-type characters. These are the star wars characters operating at the outer reaches of the galaxy. They include bounty hunters, smugglers, scouts, mercenaries, and scoundrels, to name a few.

The Game Setting

The game has an almost similar setting as Firefly combined with the Star Wars universe. As a player, you’re assigned the role of an adventuring crew on the periphery if the Star Wars universe. You’re simply out for some little bit of adventure and fun while offering some little assistance to the struggling Rebel Alliance.

Of course, the idea of joining the mystic Jedis to be part of the Skywalker Saga is tempting. But the game takes its own twist by focusing on the adventure bit of it. The far off edges of the Star Wars universe lends to the stellar story of the game and the premise from which the characters are set.


Before we get to the funky dice, let’s get the characters out of the way first. So as it appears, Fantasy Flight built their characters around three sets of abilities:

Characteristics: Character abilities are usually centred on willpower and agility, but The Edge of the Empire appears to sink deeper than that. Not to mention, it’s your rating in terms of characteristics that will be determining your assigned number of green ability dice roll every time you attempt a new task.

Skills: Any improvement above a characteristic when performing a certain task is considered a skill. For the game, a rating in skill will be transforming the green ability dice roll into a yellow proficiency dice. It could also earn you an extra yellow or green dice.

Talents: Talents earn you bonuses, allow you to bend some of the rules a tad, and even reduce penalties. It’s a real feat that you should be looking forward to while sharpening your skills.

The Dice

We’ve already mentioned the two dice, the ability and proficiency dice, used for raw and skilled abilities respectively. The next one should be the blue boost dice, which indicates positive bonuses.

This flows in the opposite end of the black setback dice, which points towards a negative circumstance. It goes without mentioning the purple dice which signals a difficult task; and the red dice which can be interpreted to mean there’s a challenge ahead.

It’s a Wrap

Overall, the Edge of the Empire is an excellent choice of an RPG, and Fantasy Flight surely knows how to make you get the most out of your gaming experience. Of course, the game could still do with some little bit of improvement.

For instance, it could have been much better for the game had they considered adding an extra set of dice for playing the game faster and more efficiently. But still, the complicated mechanics from which the dice are set still places the game atop as one of the most cherished RPGs ever released.

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