Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game Review

Star Wars Rebellion is a board game that is perfect for people who like the series. It’s board is so big that it has to be folded in two to be put away. The game comes with custom rings and dice that you can choose and 153 pieces for you to play with. The eight decks that you play with all do something unique like power up your characters, allowing you to move more, and even do side missions to get new things. The board game really makes you feel like you’re a general controlling a space army with all of the beautifully crafted design. Star Wars Rebellion games take around four hours to play and is packed with intricate strategies and rules that no other board game has. Each player take turns trying to defend or take down a space base depending on what team you’re on. This let’s you pick and choose what friends will be on which teams and switch every round. The attackers are called the army of the Empire and have to take out all of the defenders as fast as they can. The defenders, called the Rebellion, have to complete different missions which will give them reputation markers. They do this by using their leaders to maneuver around the map to defend or counter the other player’s mission. Every turn players get a unit that turns into a playable character after three rounds. The players on the Empire team can use spaceships and other war machines to take destroy rebel bases. Once this happens, all of the defenders in that base have to go back and start at the beginning of the board. If the defenders can get the reputation markers to the other end of the board then they can declare victory. We hope you enjoyed our Star Wars Rebellion Board Game review and like the game.

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