Star Wars: The Role Playing Game Anniversary Review

Star Wars The Role Playing Game Anniversary Edition was released in 1987 and is still popular amongst the old fanatics and new fans alike. Our Star Wars: The Role Playing Game Anniversary review would like to point out that while the peices in the set aren’t as good as others, the feel and gameplay is fun and more than makes up for it. There aren’t any complex rules or books that you need to spend hours reading just to learn the skills or mechanics of the game. This makes it a game that anyone can learn to play in under ten minutes. Star Wars The Role Playing Game is space themed and takes place in between the episodes of the Star Wars movie. Instead of following a scripted route the players are forced to take a part in the GM’s imagination and are guided by the play book. The play book is the information part of the game that has all of the lore, characters, aliens, guns, and spaceships. It’s well balanced and has hand drawn pictures for people to reference. There are four books released with each one having different aspects of the game changed to freshen it up. Players choose characters who all have different ranges of skills that help you roll your dice. Your dice rolls can cause the force to power up your characters, decide whether you reach a target goal or not, and help fire blasters at the other team. You can either choose characters from their 27 prearranged templates or customize one of your own. There are no weapons or items that you can pick up and forces you to take on your enemies like a true jedi leader.

This is a game that only comes around once a year and is hands down something you need to try out.

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