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When you enter the Ortus arena, you enter an inspiring game where strategists engage each other in intellectual battles. You are a cunning warlord, craving for intensive short mental combats and becoming the best.

While playing the game, you temporarily escape from the real world into a mystical oriental warlord era. The unique combination of game mechanisms, that are easy to learn but difficult to master, give you a unique game-experience within a 1vs1 turn based resource management setting.

Challenge your tactical skills and enter this strategy board game online!

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2017/11/23 09:00:00

The story of Ortus

Having challenged your lifelong rival to a stand off, you lead a band of handpicked warriors to The World’s Core with it’s raging energies that feed the prime elements. It is this energy you must harness and wield to your purpose. You have to make tough decisions: finding the balance between cunning attack and defence strategies.


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Connects online opponents

Has you engaged with anyone in the world into intellectual battles. A solo game to practice is also possible.

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Exciting tutorial

You learn the rules step by step while having an exciting journey with assignments

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Balanced duration and intensity

Gives you an intensive but short mental combat of 15 to 20 minutes. Let your brain burn!

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Challenges your tactical skills

Ortus is dynamic. It has endless tactical ways to play the game. Each match develops its own path of battle and is different than the previous one.

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Easy to learn, hard to master

Deep tactical mechanisms within accessible rules. You can start-up quickly with battling and will discover new cunning tactics along your journey

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Intertwined game-theme with gameplay

Your warriors move and attack with the spirit of the prime elements

Where to get Ortus

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What others say

  • “Having Ortus on Steam is a great way to keep in touch and play with friends who by now live more than 500km away”

    STEAM logo Ortus Arena
    Wamphyri (steamplayer)
  • “This is a great two player game. It is symmetric, turn based, non-random, relatively complex, and as far as I can tell, it lends itself to quite a few different play styles. My favourite part is the intricate dance between expending energy on conquest versus reserving it for defence, and the orgy of destruction that ensues once one of the players decides it is time to attack.”

    STEAM logo Ortus Arena
    Tuidjy (steamplayer)
  • “Ortus Arena is turn-based strategy game, like chess, but more complex than that! Chess + power management = Ortus Arena! But, even the gameplay is little bit complex, it’s still easy-to-understand.”

    STEAM logo Ortus Arena
    Qepo (steamplayer)
  • “I guess I cannot recommend it enough if you’re looking for an awesome little combat game”

    Undead viking Icon - review Ortus Arena
    Undead Viking
  • I use Ortus in my logic courses, most of my students love it! (some of them less than so, especially when they keep losing 😀 )

    STEAM logo Ortus Arena
    Gaetano (steamplayer)
  • “Ortus turned out to be a great chance find [on Spiel Essen], and even after the first game Nicole and I felt challenged to stay seated to have another go”

    Boardgamegeek Icon - review Ortus Arena
  • Ortus is a clever game that a lot of you are going to love”

    Pocket tactics Icon - review Ortus Arena
    Pocket Tactics

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