Ortus Ipad board games

When you enter the arena, you enter an inspiring game where strategists engage each other in intellectual war battles. You are a smart warlord, craving for intensive but short mental combats and want to become the best.

While playing the game, you temporarily escape from this real world into a mystical one in the oriental warlord era. The unique combination of game mechanisms, that are easy to learn but complex to master, give you a unique game-experience within a one against one resource management setting.

In 2018 we are expanding Ortus Arena to other platforms, like the Ipad. We determine our priorities on how much mail subscriptions we have for a certain platform.

For now, you can play Ortus on Steam PC or as a tabletop.

The story of Ortus

You and your friend fill the seats of two celebrated warriors. Both Lord now to one of the two ruling Houses and bitter rival of the only person you can call your equal: each other.

For decades your lives have been closely matched. Seemingly mirrored careers that through struggle and sacrifice have led you both to hold the highest considerable position of power and status.

Having challenged your lifelong rival to a stand off, you lead a band of handpicked warriors to the fabled arena of Ortus, The World’s Core.

This landmark is believed to have held the very essence that created this world.

Here lies the source of the first raging energies that fed the prime elements. It is here that the world found its origin and is teeming with raw energy. It is this energy you must harness and wield to your purpose.

Through your warriors you will strive to best your opponent. Deeply disciplined in one of the elements, each warrior takes in the surrounding energy and channels it to fuel their unique strengths. In this hour the balance of power will finally be upset.

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